Hidden Treasures – Africa

Griff Rhys Jones continues his quest to find traditional art in remote places by travelling to West Africa.

Nazi Titanic

The bizarre story of a forgotten propaganda film made by the Nazis about the sinking of the Titanic. Its Director Herbert Selpin was mysteriously found hanged in his cell after a bitter dispute with Goebbels.

There She Goes

Heartbroken Jasper (Stephen Wight) races to the airport to stop the girl of his dreams from leaving and just makes the last train. As Jasper talks to a stranger (Colin Salmon) about his romantic gesture, doubts about what he’s doing start to grow. London Short Film Festival

Boldly Go

Doctor Kevin Fong sets out to discover how unsuited human biology is to living on much of the planet – and how we have developed the technology to let us survive there.

Heart of Hardy

From his modest rural roots in Dorset, Thomas Hardy became one of the most celebrated writers in the world. Griff RhysJones reveals how Hardy drew on his own emotionally-charged personal life to create some of the most memorable characters and stories in English literature.