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Recent Credits

Full  documentary CV

Full  drama CV

The Wave -  Feature documentary - Arrow TV / ITV 

Director Ashley Gething


Charles 111 –The Coronation Year  Feature documentary BBCTV/Oxford Films –  Director Ashley Gething

Boom Boom The World V Boris Becker (UK Filming) – 2 Part documentary Apple TV –  Director Alex Gibney

Real Bugs Life  Disney / Plimsoll Prods – Director Nat Sharman

Neaderthals (Malta shoot) – Netflix/BBC – Director Ashley Gething

Secrets of the Elephants (Borneo Shoot) – Disney+ – Director Josh Heliker

911/Inside The Presidents War Room  Apple TV/ BBC TV – Director Adam Wishart

Greatest Game Sky Director Ashley Gething

Explorer – Rannulph Fiennes Feature Documentary. Universal Pictures Director Matt Dyas

Maiden Feature Doc. Sony Pictures. (Selected for Sundance Festival 2019) – Director Alex Holmes

The world according to Jeff Goldblum Disney / National Geographic – Directors Simon Lloyd, Karen McGann

Welcome to Earth 10 part series Disney / National Geographic – 10 part series – Directors: Nat Sharman, Luke Wiles

Chinas Greatest Treasures BBCTV – Director Richard Max

Return to the Nile Woodcut Media – 3 part series with Joseph & Ralph Fiennes – Director: Matt Dyas

One Strange Rock – 10 part series Disney / National Geographic – 10 part series – Directors: Nat Sharman, Luke Wiles, Graham Booth

The Life of Earth from Space Talesmith Productions / Smithsonian Luke Wiles

Sachin – A Billion Dreams Not Out Films – Director James Erskine

Le Mans -Racing is everything – Amazon – Director: James Erskine

To the Ends of the Earth – 3 x part series Ch4 – Director Eoin O’Shea

Finding Jesus Nutopia Drama doc series for CNN – Director Dan Clifton

Celts BBC- Director- Alice Roberts & Neil Oliver series

Great Canal Journeys series CH4 – Director Mike Taylor

Big Birds – David Attenborough BBCTV – Director Mike Birkhead

The Making of Kipling –BBCTV - Director Chris Walker


Wild China Feature DISNEY / Brian Leith Productions


Slow Train Through Africa x 5 part series – Director Ros Bain


Cricklewood Greats BBCTV – Directed by Peter Capaldi


3D Panda IMAX Oxford Scientific – Director Nic Brown

The King and the Playwright. 3 part series – Director Steve Clarke

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